John Cena Bulldozes Roman Reigns on Twitter

While their match at No Mercy will be fun, the trash talk between John Cena and Roman Reigns has been priceless. Maybe we never thought that WWE would allow Reigns to be in such a vulnerable position. Maybe we thought they'd instruct John Cena to take it easy on him. Nope. John Cena is eating Roman Reigns alive.

In fact, Cena was so eager for his next serving of Roman's hide, that he went out and got a piece tonight on Twitter.

Cena tossed out his bait:

Reigns smelled blood in the water and wasted no time in taking the offensive.

Cena retorted with a sarcastic barb that is long overdue. We only wish it could have been said on TV.

The wounded Big Dog elected to change the subject instead of going blow-for-blow.

Oh, man. Roman may want to look up a ghostwriter on Craigslist because this is starting to get ugly. On TV, Reigns at least knows what John Cena will likely say. The Big Dog has the comfort of a WWE writing staff, too. But on Twitter, well as we all know, it's the jungle. And right now, John Cena is the king.


Maybe WWE wants to throw Reigns into the fire by having him go one-on-one with Cena. After all, Reigns has hardly had to promo in 2017, and he surely has yet to duel with some one of Cena's stature. Whatever the plan was, there's one thing that is most certainly happening: Roman Reigns is getting exposed.