'Walker: Independence' Star Jumping to the Main 'Walker' Show

Even though The CW's Walker: Independence takes place in the 1800s, that isn't stopping a star from jumping to the original series! Justin Johnson Cortez, who portrays Calian on the Western prequel, will be heading to the Jared Padalecki-led Walker as a guest star in an upcoming episode, according to Deadline. Cortez is set to play Homicide Detective Sonny Alcala, who previously worked closely with Cordell Walker and Captain James years ago on a case.

While Justin Johnson Cortez's episode of Walker has an unknown premiere date, it's possible that his role could be a recurring one. With the season ending soon, though, it all probably depends on whether or not the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot gets renewed. It's also uncertain if Detective Alcala is a descendant of Calian, which is entirely possible and would be a good way to tie back into Walker: Independence.

The news of Cortez's appearance on Walker comes not long after Jared Padalecki made the jump from the original to the prequel in a surprise role. While his character didn't have a name, fans did get to see him reunite with Matt Barr's Hoyt Rawlins, albeit an 1800 version rather than the one from Walker, who unfortunately died. Since the two shows film in different cities, Walker in Austin and Independence in Santa Fe, possible cameos are a bit harder to figure out. Luckily, though, it looks like they're having to problems coming up with solutions.

Walker: Independence had its first season finale in early March and, just like Walker, has yet to be renewed. The uncertainness of its future is frustrating, especially since it did just premiere, but it's nice to know that fans will still be able to see at least one Independence star on their TVs still, even if we still don't know when it will be or for how long. It wouldn't be surprising if this is only the beginning of Independence stars making the jump to Walker, or vice versa. 

Walker is currently on a break until April 27, and it's expected to air just three more episodes to close out the season. That would mean that with Justin Johnson Cortez appearing in one of the final episodes of the season, it's possible he'll have a pretty major role. Fans will just have to tune in to find out, and hopefully, an actual premiere date is released soon, along with more information about the episode and his role.