Tom Selleck: Is the 'Blue Bloods' Star Ready to Retire?

The future of legendary actor Tom Selleck on CBS' long-running police drama Blue Bloods is [...]

The future of legendary actor Tom Selleck on CBS' long-running police drama Blue Bloods is constantly at the center of rumors. Some speculate that he is leaving the show, others suggest he is retiring. However, these rumors are false. Selleck has no intention of retiring and has never said anything about leaving.

This week, Gossip Cop noted that the tabloid OK! published a story claiming Selleck was "tired of the grind" and wanted to retire. Other tabloids have claimed Selleck was leaving in 2019 as well. Selleck, 76, is targeted because of his age, but anyone who watches the show every week can see he is in perfect shape.

Selleck's future has also been used by scam artists. According to Snopes, two headlines, "Tom Never Again In Blue Bloods" and "Tom's Final Words Before Leaving The Stage Forever" have surfaced, but both are misleading. The outlet reported that when each link was clicked, it seemed to be a scam. When the page opened up, it led readers to a page on where they could allegedly purchase Blue Bloods Season 11 for $27. While the article from the front page seemed legit, it appears it was nothing but a scam.

Viewership has kept the long-running series' ratings high. At the beginning of January for the first episode of 2021, Fans tuned in at the beginning of January, helping CBS retain its dominance in live ratings. Blue Bloods had 6.4 million viewers, which is some of the highest they've seen. In a recent episode, there was a rare drama between Commissioner Frank Reagan and his father, retired Commissioner Henry "Pops" Reagan. In "Spilling Secrets," Frank (Selleck) looked into some mysterious payments. The whole situation got heated between the two, leading to some shock and surprise from fans at home.

At the beginning of the episode, CPA Melissa Bell (Shawna Christensen) gave Frank papers to sign for his tax return, which he was getting done earlier than many other clients. Frank also worked with her mother. When Frank gave her the papers back, he seemed like something else was wrong. Melissa revealed that Pops had her mother pay someone for over a decade. There was no paper trail for the cash disbursements.

Later, Frank started to question Pops about the payments. He told her Melissa went to his office, and Pops immediately said, "That was privileged information" before Frank could even broach the subject. This meant that something was going on and Pops tried to shut down the conversation. "You think I'm some old coat that's being scammed!" Pops said. He told Frank this was none of his business — whatever "this" was — and walked away from the table.

After the drama continued, in true Blue Blood fashion, the large family could come together over family dinner and work it all out. Naturally, fans took to social media to share their thoughts and brought up the fact that the Reagan family could always come together and find common ground.