'This Is Us': Kate Suffers Pregnancy Complication

This Is Us finally revealed the heartbreaking reason Kate ended up in the hospital.In an episode [...]

This Is Us finally revealed the heartbreaking reason Kate ended up in the hospital.

In an episode that revolved around the Big Three's high school graduation, and Kate's (Chrissy Metz) present-day graduation from college, the big day ended up with an emergency visit to the hospital that shook the Pearson clan to their core.

The preen-day storyline saw Toby (Chris Sullivan) attempting to motivate Kate to celebrate her big day as Rebecca (Mandy Moore) surprised Kate by flying to Los Angeles for a celebration. Toby then announces that Kevin (Justin Hartley) is also coming to celebrate the momentous occasion, as the show finds Kevin passed out from a bender in his hotel room.

After meeting Nicky led him to relapse, Kevin found himself in a trashed hotel room when he gets a call from Zoe (Melanie Liburd) saying she is also in town and is on her way to see him.

At the party site, Kate seems to be uncomfortable with the celebrations, as she feels like celebrating gradating 16 years later does not seem like an achievement. When Kevin arrives acting overly enthusiastic after being MIA for a week, she senses that something might be wrong.

Kate tries to bring up the Nicky subject during the party but are interrupted by Zoe. She asks Kate about their week together, when they both catch Kevin in a lie since he's been hiding in his hotel room the whole time.

Kevin changes the subject by making a toast dedicated to Kate, who he announces is 28-weeks pregnant, but he gets distracted when he notices the bartender making drinks. He then makes an excuse that he has an important last-minute meeting with producers and has to leave the party.

Toby hosts the graduation ceremony for Kate and the four other people graduating in her semester. She seems distracted wondering where Kevin is but also tries to enjoy the special day with her mom.

Rebecca tells Kate how proud she is of her and happy for the baby on the way. And while Kate seems happy to share the moment with her mother, she remains distracted by Kevin's absence.

Kate then leaves her party and goes to Kevin's hotel room. When he answers the door she barges in and finds the room trashed. Kevin admits that "the Nicky thing" made him break down. Kate tells him he has to open up to Zoe about what happened, but he fears she will leave. He then promises to tell her after spending a week in meetings.

Kate then offers to drive Kevin to a meeting, and he breaks down. With Toby wondering what is going on, Kate and Kevin talk about what excuse to give him when she starts to feel discomfort with the baby. She begins to lose it when her water breaks.

Kevin calls Toby and has to admit that he's been drinking all day before calling an ambulance. At the hospital, Toby goes with his wife and tells Kevin to stay behind.

In the episode's final moments, Kevin talks to Kate who is worried about being in labor too early. Randall arrives in that moment and the Big Three give each other support as Kate worries for her baby's safety.

Will Kate's baby make it? This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.