'The Late Show' Host Stephen Colbert Bashes Donald Trump for Missing Event Due to Rain

Stephen Colbert had some particularly sharp zingers for President Donald Trump on Munday after he skipped the Armistice Day ceremony in Paris, France.

The president had plenty of controversial moments in the headlines this weekend, and Colbert got to almost all of them in the course of his show. However, he had particular fun with the president's failure to attend the 100th anniversary ceremony for Armistice Day, which marked the end of World War I. In his opening monologue on The Late Show, Colbert did not seem surprised.

"These soldiers fought tirelessly through brutal conditions, so of course Trump canceled his trip to the cemetery due to rain," Colbert said sarcastically.

"Well, you can't blame him. He's only got one umbrella, and he couldn't figure out how to bring it on the plane," Colbert said as the now-infamous clip of President Trump leaving an open umbrella outside of Air Force One played.

Colbert went on to report that President Trump had in fact attended the next day's ceremony, where he was seen meeting for foreign leaders like French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. However, as colbert put it "the other leaders said mean thigns" which were almost certainly aimed at the president.

In his speech, Macron differentiated "patriotism" and "nationalism," calling the latter "a betrayal of" the former. This was perceived as a sleight at President Trump, who had just defended the term "nationalist" in a few campaign rallies.

"By saying 'our interests first, who cares about the others,' we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what gives it grace, and what is essential: its moral values," Macron's translator said.

"I just want to point out that a man gave a speech about the importance of moral values and everyone assumes he was insulting our president," Colbert said incredulously.

Colbert is typically on the front lines when it comes to mocking President Trump. The Late Show has taken a strong stance against the administration, and oriented itself toward politics mroe and more. However, he was not the only one bothered by the Armistice Day fiasco.

Many people voiced their disgust at Trump for missing the ceremony, particularly because he has often billed himself as a pro-military and pro-veteran politician. One viral post from former military pilot even tweeted at the president, calling into question why he missed the occasion. President Trump ignored the story until Tuesday morning, when he suddenly tweeted an explanation.


"By the way, when the helicopter couldn't fly to the first cemetery in France because of almost zero visibility, I suggested driving," he wrote after skewering President Macron in a few posts. "Secret Service said NO, too far from airport [and] big Paris shutdown. Speech next day at American Cemetery in pouring rain! Little reported - Fake News!"