'The Conners': Matthew Broderick Returns, Clashes with Dan

The Conners saw Jackie's unemployed boyfriend return, and clash with Dan over his intentions during Tuesday's new episode.

As the kids are making an attempt at convincing Dan (John Goodman) to get them the Christmas presents they actually want, Jackie's boyfriend Peter (Matthew Broderick) butts into the conversation.

"Grandpa wants to give me crayons for Christmas," Mary (Jayden Rey) tells Jackie and Peter.

"Well, I will call Child Services and let them sort it out," Jackie jokes.

"You know Mary, most people refer to them as Crayolas but that's really a brand name like Kleenex or Cellophane," Peter says, before he goes into telling the little girl about the history of the word "Crayola".

Dan appears frustrated with the man and urges the kids to go to school. Jackie volunteers to help with helping them get ready because Peter wants to talk to Dan about fixing his new motorcycle.

Back at the garage, Peter shows Dan a vintage Vespa and he doesn't seem impressed. Dan says he can't fix foreign bikes and refuses to help. After Peter leaves the garage, however, Jackie admits that she bought Peter the Vespa knowing that Dan would be able to fix it.

Dan confronts her about spending so much money on her boyfriend but Jackie says she plans for them to enjoy the bike together. He agrees to help fix it to ensure her safety.

Later, Peter meets Dan at Casa Bonita, who is not happy to see that he has been found. He attempts to give Dan a check to pay for the repairs, but Dan is hesitant when he realizes he and Jackie opened a bank account together.

"We put my name on her account so we could save on fees by co-mingling our assets. No biggie," Peter says, before he admits that he didn't contribute much because his degrees in obscure subjects have not helped him find a job in Lanford.

Dan tells Peter that he knows he's taking advantage of Jackie and Peter responds that Dan should not meddle in their relationship before he walks away in anger.

The next day, Jackie visits the Conner house and tries to write Dan a check for the repairs, also confronting him about his tense conversation.

"How dare you talk to my boyfriend about things that are private between him and me?" Jackie says.

"You are in denial about this guy, all you do is give and all he does is take," Dan responds.

Jackie says they have fun and they enjoy their time together and that is enough for her. Dan tells her that he's just trying to look after her the way Roseanne would've done if she was still alive. Jackie, however, says her sister would have bullied her into breaking up with him rather than talking to Peter behind her back.

"I'm keeping my eye on this guy, I don't want you to get hurt," Dan tells Jackie.


Jackie says that she understands she loves him for it, but if he meddles again she will move into the Conner house and bring her mother with her.

Is Peter taking advantage of Jackie or are his days with the family numbered? The Conners airs Tuesdays at p.m. ET on ABC.