'Take Two' Star Rachel Bilson Talks Chemistry With Eddie Cibrian: 'It's Always a Gamble'

ABC's new detective dramedy Take Two is television's latest summer guilty pleasure.

Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian star in the new show, which follows the unlikely alliance between disgraced TV star Samantha Swift (Bilson) and lone wolf private investigator Eddie Valetik (Cibrian).

When Sam is offered a potential comeback role after a stint in rehab, Eddie reluctantly agrees to let her shadow him and slowly realizes she is the partner he needs to bring his P.I. business to the next level.

The series comes from Castle creators Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller.

For a buddy dramedy such as Take Two, chemistry between the two lead actors is the key to success. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Bilson — known for roles on The O.C., Hart of Dixie and most recently Nashville — shared details of first meeting her co-star and whether their connection was instant.

"I had never met him or worked with him, but we all got together for lunch — Eddie (Cibrian), Terri (Edda Miller), Andrew (Marlowe) and myself — before we started. He was super nice and we both talked about how we like to work," Bilson said. "Just seeing how we have a similar approach to working, we got along great."

"It's always a gamble, you never know [how it's going to work out]," she added. "But I'm very grateful that it's him because it's many hours a day you have to spend on set and luckily, he's a nice guy."

The first episode, set to air Thursday, quickly puts the actress and private investigator in the line of fire, allowing viewers to see how their opposite personalities work well together.

"They work so differently, so I think it's really going to help bring out that other side of the other person," Bilson said. "They're also going to help each other a lot because of how different they are. It's fun; there's a good dynamic there with the characters. I think that's what people like to tune in and to see."

Could the unlikely pairing eventually lead to romance? Bilson teases it might come in the future. For now, viewers should expect banter and some flirtatious moments.

"I think the writers are focusing on our relationship as partners and the crimes we're solving and there might be a few times where we're locked in closets or in close quarters," Bilson teased.

The light-hearted series presents a fun viewing experience, especially while your favorite broadcast shows are on break until fall.

"It's a really fun show and it's the perfect show where you can sit down in your living room and not have to think and just enjoy yourself," Bilson told ET. "It's funny, it's entertaining — all of the things that I personally like to watch when I just want to relax.... If people want an escape that's super light and fun, this would be a great show."


Take Two premieres Thursday, June 21 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.