'SNL' Ridicules Indicted Trump Adviser Roger Stone During 'Weekend Update'

After their latest takedown of President Donald Trump, the anchors for Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment set their sights on the POTUS' former adviser, Roger Stone.

Stone, a mainstay in the political world, served as Trump's advisor and lobbyist for numerous endeavors through the years, most notably during the 2016 presidential election. On Friday, he was arrested on seven charges: one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements and one count of witness tampering. The crimes presumably took place during the Trump campaign.

The "Weekend Update" duo of Michael Che and Colin Jost had a field day with the peculiar political figure on Saturday night. Che was first up, cheering on the tactics officials used to arrest Stone and comparing them to how drug dealers are some times arrested.

"Roger Stone was arrested at 6 a.m. Friday morning by a team of officers with heavy weapons. Finally! This all I've been waiting for: old white dudes getting dragged out their crib like dope dealers," Che said. "Was it excessive? Yes, and I wish it was worse. I wish he was just wearing boxers and a durag, and there was a baby crying, and they tased his girl. Give him the works!"

Jost popped in with jokes about Stone's strange appearance and fashion sense. He likened Stone's taste for old-timey suits and glasses to that of a comic villain or horror movie character.

"Longtime business adviser and 'Business Babadook' Roger Stone has been charged by the special council's office on seven counts including obstruction, making false statements, witness tampering and, I assume, the attempted murder of Batman," Jost said.

He then doubled down on the jabs at Stone's persona while also noting how a large crowd gathered to jeer at the disgraced political figure after his arrest.

"Stone, pictured here as an old woman being told there's no more room at bingo, left the courtroom to face a crowd that was booing and chanting 'lock him up," Jost said. "First of all, its always fun to watch a press conference on mute where the captions say 'Crowd booing.' Second, you know how much people have to hate you for them to show up just to boo you in the middle of a work day? They found out you were arrested that morning and immediately called their office like 'Yeah, I'm gonna be late. I gotta head down to the court house and yell at Steampunk Lincoln.'"

Che was then back up, bringing up Stone's infamous 1996 scandal where he took out an ad for he and his wife in a swingers magazine while serving as an aide for Bob Dole. He also looped Trump's response to Stone's arrest into the conversation, saying the POTUS was either "a rat or a jinx."

"The White House said that the charges against Roger Stone have nothing to do with President Trump. Of course the White House said that, cause the White House is the president," Che said. "If I get accused of something, I can't be like 'Man I'm innocent. Just ask my apartment.' It is kind of strange that everybody that Trump's worked with has been indicted or locked up except for him, which tells me he's either a rat or a jinx."


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