'SNL' Parodies HGTV Home Makeover Shows in Skit With Jennifer Lopez

Saturday Night Live poked fun at HGTV's home makeover shows this week in a skit featuring host Jennifer Lopez. Lopez played the recipient of a reality TV home renovation, along with her husband, played by Mikey Day. Before long, the show became more about this odd pairing than the house itself.

Lopez played a woman who was excited to win a home makeover from HGTV, and a little oblivious to the shock of those around her. She wore a slim pink dress, and her hair was done up glamorously, while Day wore a plain outfit, huge glasses and a middle-part haircut.

Right away, the host of the fictional show, Kenan Thompson, was shocked by the matchup. As the skit went along, he searched for a reason that a beauty like Lopez would end up with a guy like Day. Each revelation became more shocking — Lopez had proposed to Day, and at first he said no, and so on.

The sketch even went as far to imply that it might be a "Green Card marriage," but Lopez confirmed that she was an American citizen from birth. Meanwhile, Day's character revealed his unusual obsession with Smurf memorabilia. At one point, Thompson described Lopez as a "bronze goddess."

The big punchline of the skit came when new cast member Bowen Yang walked on set, playing an interior designer. Lopez inadvertently revealed that their characters had an open marriage, saying of Day: "you can't keep a stallion in the stable." Finally, Yang had had enough.

"OK, I just have to do this," he said, reaching out and grabbing Day's groin. "It's average," he told Thompson.

"Average?!" the host shouted, falling into an armchair and feigning a stroke.


This was just one of Lopez's hard-hitting skits on SNL this week. The actress returned to host the show for her third time on Saturday night, as she pushes for an Oscar for her performance in the recent blockbuster hit Hustlers. This was the first time Lopez hosted the show without being the musical guest as well.

The rest of Lopez's skits are on YouTube, and the entire episode will be added to Hulu sometime on Sunday. Saturday Night Live is back next weekend with host Scarlett Johansson and musical guest Niall Horan. The show is live on Dec. 14 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.