'SNL' Uses Infamous OJ Simpson White Bronco Footage to Mock Donald Trump

Saturday night, comedian Dave Chappelle hosted SNL's first post-election episode. There were several questions prior to the episode, many of which revolved around how the sketch series would handle President-elect Joe Biden's reported win. The performers and writers addressed the election and even used footage from O.J. Simpson's police chase to mock President Donald Trump.

The sketch, "DC Morning," featured Chappelle and Ego Nwodim as news anchors. They discussed the election and the news outlets projecting Biden to win. However, the sketch took a turn when SNL used the infamous footage of Simpson leading police on a chase. Instead of Simpson, the description listed Trump as one of the Bronco's occupants.

"Let's remember, once Trump's term ends, he's suddenly a private citizen with no immunity," Chappelle said. "He will have to deal with a tax fraud investigation from the southern district of New York, as well as a defamation lawsuit from a woman who claims he assaulted her." At that moment, breaking news of a police chase interrupted the broadcast.

Chappelle continued to narrate the slow chase, saying that there were more than a dozen police cars chasing the Bronco. He also said that Donald Trump Jr. was driving the vehicle while Trump hid in the backseat. The jokes continued with a fake 911 call from Trump Jr., in which he threatened the nation with a 2024 campaign.

"This is Don Jr., I have the president in the car," the fake version said in the sketch. "This is not about me, okay! Right now, we're ok, but you gotta tell the police to just back off. Tell them to stand down or dad officially starts the campaign for 2024. My father has the announcement tweet ready to go. He just has to push one button."


The final joke referenced news that surfaced in the wake of Biden's reported victory. Trump's former acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney, said that he "fully expects" the president to run again in 2024. If so, he would attempt to become the second man to inhabit the Oval Office in non-consecutive terms.

"I would absolutely expect the president to stay involved in politics and would absolutely put him on the shortlist of people who are likely to run in 2024," Mulvaney said during a webinar hosted by a Dublin think tank. The former chief of staff also said that it would be "crazy" to suggest that the president is trying to stage a coup to remain in his position. Mulvaney continued, "It should not surprise anybody that there are lawyers and that there are lawsuits and it is not a tacit admission of loss, any more than it is a declaration of victory."