'Sesame Street' Viewers Convinced Grover Dropped F-Bomb on Air

Some Sesame Street viewers are convinced that furry, lovable Grover dropped an F-bomb on air, but others aren't so sure.

During a recent episode of the kids TV series, Grover and Rosita were talking and Grover says, "Move the camera, yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea."

However, some fans heard it as, "Yes, yes, that's a f—ing excellent idea."

"Does Grover say 'Yes, yes, that's a f—ing excellent idea' or 'Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea? ' " one Twitter user asked. "No joke it all depends on what you want him to say each time..."

"Every listen I do it sounds like he is dropping the F bomb. Grover literally said f—. I honestly don't hear anything else. I listened like 20 times," someone else joked.

"Me: Ok 2018, we're almost over, just a few more days, let's not get even stupider- 'Did Grover from Sesame Street actually say F—?? The Internet is divided!" another person tweeted.

"Wondering what it says about me that I'm more freaked out about whether Grover dropped an F-bomb on Sesame Street than what caused a massive blue-green light to appear over the NYC skyline," a fourth Twitter user wrote.

EW cited one social media commenter who attempted to explain why we have a tough time hearing the correct verbiage.


"What our brain is supposed to hear in this clip is 'that sounds like an excellent idea.' Our brain breaks that down into "that sands likean excellent idea!' However, since Grover says that defining feature so fast, it turns into "that 'sa f–kan excellent idea!' If you listen closely, you can hear both at the same time… Our brain turns 'ndsl' into 'fl' because it happens too fast, and doesn't care much about 'L' anyway …Congrats, you now know how Auditory Processing Disorder works!" the user explained.

Sesame Street representatives have reportedly not responded to the F-bomb controversy.