Peacock Cancels Epic Series

Peacock has canceled its planned TV adaptation of The Green Bone Saga – a trilogy of fantasy novels recently completed by author Fonda J. Lee. Lee revealed the sad news to fans herself on Twitter this week. However, she did leave room for hope that the show will be picked up elsewhere.

The Green Bone Saga is a unique series set in a fictional world with roughly equivalent technology to that of real life, but with the addition of a mystical power as well. It started with Jade City in 2017, followed by Jade War in 2019 and Jade Legacy in 2021. The story is about a powerful family of martial artists and "Green Bones" – wielders of this superhuman power – and how they try to maintain their integrity while evolving with the world around them as well. Many fans thought it was the perfect fit for today's book-to-TV-adaptation boom, but Lee informed them of an unfortunate setback on Thursday.

"Sad to share that after years in development, Peacock has decided not to move forward with the TV show of Jade City," she wrote. "It's a big disappointment. But we're looking for a new home for the project, and I have faith someone else will share the vision of the Kaul family onscreen."

Fans shared their condolences in the comments, and many were even more confident than Lee that another outlet is bound to pick up this series. After receiving an outpouring of support, Lee added: "I'm touched by all the faith and enthusiasm; thank you so much, everyone. I will keep you posted. On the plus side, now I don't have to subscribe to Peacock!"

Lee's series has been a massive critical success even without the aid of a TV adaptation. In 2018, Jade City was nominated for the Nebula Award and won the World Fantasy Award for best novel, tying with The Changeling by Victor LaValle. In 2020, Jade War was nominated for the Dragon Award and the Ignyte Awart. This year, the entire Green Bone Saga trilogy is nominated for the Hugo Award for best series. The winner of that auspicious category will be decided in Chicago in September.

All three Green Bone Saga books are available now in print, digital and audiobook formats wherever books are sold. While Peacock has reportedly passed on the series, there's a chance that the work done so far by Universal Television will be picked up by another streamer or platform.