'NCIS' Star Diona Reasonover Reveals Her Dream Cast Return Following Ziva Shocker (Exclusive)

NCIS delivered the biggest of shocking returns with Ziva David's return in the Season 16 finale for an exciting new storyline. The twist really established that anyone could return to the CBS crime procedural for a guest spot, and series star Diona Reasonover has some suggestions. In a conversation with PopCulture.com, the actress behind forensic scientist Kasie Hines opened up about her pick for the next surprise return, as well as an idea for a "girls spa"episode.

After Cote de Pablo shocked fans of the popular CBS drama series, it seems that any character who has not been killed onscreen is fair game to pop back in for a surprise appearance. Many hope that Ziva's comeback will mean a reunion with her beloved family, Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and their daughter Tali, in upcoming episodes.

While we wait to see how Ziva's story wraps up later this season, Reasonover said she has another returning guest star she would love to see return to the series.

"I love Jamie Lee Curtis' character [Samantha Ryan]," Reasonover told PopCulture.com in a phone interview Thursday, Oct. 31. "I thought she was just such a bad ass, and the relationship that she had with Gibbs I thought was really interesting, so I'd love to see that."

Dr. Samantha Ryan was a prominent guest star, and love interest for Gibbs (Mark Harmon), during NCIS's ninth season,. Her final appearance arrived during the cliffhanger-heavy finale episode, which left many of their lives at risk. The showrunners said at the time in Season 10 that they wrote the character out with the intention that she was alive and had simply moved on to other priorities, and away from Gibbs.

The actress also praised guest star Laura San Giacomo, who has made several appearances on the series as resident psychiatrist Dr. Grace Confalone.

"I love it any time Laura San Giacomo is there. She is, in my mind, truly a legend," Reasonover gushed. "And the first time I saw her, like in real life at table read, my jaw dropped and I started sweating immediately... like mouth wide open and sweat just pouring off of my forehead."

As she praised San Giacomo's scenes with Maria Bello (who plays Jacqueline Sloane), Reasonover admitted she has been pitching an exciting plot line for an upcoming episode.

"I really have been kind of pushing and hinting that they should do like a girl-side episode, where you see Bishop (Emily Wickersham) and Sloan and Kasie all going to the spa together or something, or maybe there's a dead body at the spa," Reasonover said.

"I want us all to sit around in really fluffy robes and drink mimosas, and I want to see that interaction, because Sloane and Kasie couldn't be more drastically different, and then Bishop is in there too. And so I think it would be a very fun interaction," she added.


Who would be your dream NCIS return? The series airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.