'Modern Family': Haley's Love Interests Face off in Wednesday Night's Episode

This week's episode of Modern Family features a dramatic showdown between Dylan and Arvin over [...]

This week's episode of Modern Family features a dramatic showdown between Dylan and Arvin over Haley's love.

Things are heating up already in the new season of Modern Family, where Haley is torn between her old boyfriend and her new one. She finally confessed to Arvin about kissing Dylan, and decided for herself that the whole thing meant nothing. However, Dylan was not prepared to take that news, insisting that he is still in love with her. In the teaser for Wednesday's new episode, it looks like Dylan and Arvin will be fighting it out amongst themselves, leaving Haley out of it.

The video shows Dylan in a big red heart costume, apparently making a grand gesture of love to Haley yet again. Meanwhile, Arvin arrives at the door unexpectedly, probably trying to make a statement himself. With both of them in one place, there is only one reasonable outcome: a hesitant fist fight.

"Hello love!" Arvin cries as he Haley answers the door. It is not clear whether Dylan was there first. The trailer cuts to him looking surprised in scrubs, while another shot shows Haley begging someone for help. While she may not know what to do, Arvin clearly has an idea.

"You have to go!" he cries in an uncharacteristically aggressive tone to Dylan. There showdown consists mostly of flailing slaps and one unsuccessful bear hug, and it is not even dangerous enough to keep Haley at arm's reach.

"Enough!" she orders. "Stop fighting. Or, whatever this is."

Haley was already at her wit's end deciding between the two suitors, but by the looks of it, this week will force her into a decision. She takes a poll with her family, only to be frustrated by their evenly-split answer. Finally, she confesses to Arvin on FaceTime, apparently breaking the young doctor's heart. The last we hear from Haley, she declares that she's in love with two men.

Most fans are all but certain that Haley will end up with Dylan in the end. The two have had an on-again off-again romance for the entire series, and despite his early brashness, many people have come to have a fondness for Dylan the Villain.

By contrast, Arvin is a much more recent addition to the cast, and does not strike many as a permanent fixture on the sitcom cast. Arvin was just introduced last season, when Haley snuck into his class at Caltech to find Alex. since then, his infallible demeanor has left nothing to complain about, all but ensuring that he will make a tragic exit from Haley's life one way or another.

Modern Family airs on Wednesdays 9 p.m. ET on ABC.