Mandy Moore Becomes Old Rebecca in Fascinating 'This Is Us' Transformation

After stealing viewers' hearts with its premiere season last fall, This Is Us has begun filming its second season, and that means more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks!

(Photo: Twitter / @CelebStarzNews)

As the show takes place in both the past and present, several characters are played by different actors to accurately portray their ages throughout the series, namely the Pearson kids. As for the adults, however, the magic of makeup is there to help them out with their time jumps.

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Series star Mandy Moore recently used an Instagram live video to give fans a peek at her epic transformation process into the older version of her character, Rebecca Pearson, going from her 33-year-old self to a 66-year-old with the help of some very talented artists.

(Photo: Instagram / @mandymooremm)

"This is 66," she said in the video. "Look how incredible all of this is. We haven't even done any of the painting and stuff yet," Moore added.

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Moore noted in the video that as her character wears a wig with bangs, the artists avoid giving her forehead wrinkles as that area is covered.

She also shared the process on her Instagram story, writing, "You know what's happening."


"Getting older is a lot of work," she captioned another clip.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @CelebStarzNews