'Magnum P.I.' Featured Secret 'Hawaii Five-0' Crossover

CBS' new Magnum P.I. reboot debuted on Monday night, and it featured an unexpected visit from a beloved Hawaii Five-0 character.

Spoilers ahead for Magnum P.I.'s series premiere.

While it has been mentioned that Magnum P.I. and Hawaii Five-0 would eventually cross over, viewers were not expecting the universe to collide so soon.

Fans got an early tease when Lieutenant Yoshi Tanaka (Sung Kang) name dropped the 5-0 team early in the show's first investigation. However, a character from the fellow CBS series soon appeared: Noelani Cunha (Kimee Balmilero).

Noelina is a local medical examiner who first appeared in Hawaii Five-0 in season 7. She has appeared 37 episodes of the hit cop drama, and it now looks like she will be popping in on Magnum P.I. from time to time.

In the pilot episode, Magnum showed up to Noelina's office in need of some info. He greeted her with pink box carry a sweet treat, much to Noelina's dismay.

"What? I can't give my favorite medical examiner a treat?" Magnum said.

Noelina replied, "Do I look stupid to you or like I need to gain another pound? Wait, don't answer that. Just tell me what you want so I can get back to work."

He then gets to the point: His friend is dead, and he need information about his cause of death.

"I have a question about the body that was found," Magnum says. "It was a friend of mine."

Noelina paused and gave Magnum an empathetic look before breaking the news that she had not yet conducted an autopsy. Magnum then explained his suspicions to her with hopes of leading her examination in the right direction.

"Can you check his lungs and see if there's any fluid in them?" he asked. "I want to know if he was waterboarded. I think the guys who tortured and killed them, they might be ex-military. Waterboarding would support that theory."

Noelina pointed out that she "would be committing a serious violation" if she bypassed the local police and gave her results to the private eye. However, Magnum then ensured her the deal will stay between them, and took a seat to wait for the autopsy to be completed.

Noelina delivered her findings later in the episode, confirming Magnum's suspicions that ex-serviceman killed the victim, a longtime friend. He then sets out to take on the duo behind the killing.


Magnum P.I. airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS