'Madam Secretary': Brawl Breaks out on Set, Leaving Actor Bloodied and Injured

Police were reportedly called to the set of Madam Secretary on Friday because a fight allegedly [...]

Police were reportedly called to the set of Madam Secretary on Friday because a fight allegedly broke out among several background actors while star Tea Leoni filmed a scene where she delivers a speech. A background actor instigated a fight at the snacks and coffee table by cutting in the line, and was later taken to a nearby hospital. No one was arrested, law enforcement sources told TMZ.

According to the outlet, law enforcement sources said more than a hundred background actors were involved in filming a scene in Whippany, New Jersey. When the background actors took a break, they "swarmed" the coffee and snacks table.

One of the actors allegedly cut the line, but a female craft services staffer told him to get back. The actor pushed the female employee, whose husband then punched the actor. The husband was also at the set for work.

The actor landed on the table, then the husband allegedly continued punching the actor, leaving him bloodied. When police arrived, the fight was still going, and they had to peel the husband off the actor. The man was later taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Although police took statements, there were no arrests. Representatives for the show have not commented.

Madam Secretary is now in the middle of production on its sixth and final season, which began on Oct. 6. The CBS series stars Tea Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, who started off as a Secretary of State and is now the first woman President. Tim Daly co-stars as her husband, Henry McCord.

Other actors in the cast include Zeljko Ivanek, Erich Bergen, Patina Miller, Wallis Currie-Wood, Evan Roe, Keith Carradine and Kevin Rahm.

The final season is only running 10 episodes, far less than any of the previous seasons. In an interview with TVLine before the season premiere, executive producer Barbara Hall said writing the new season felt like "launching a new series" thanks to a time jump. The show also went through some casting changes, with many former stars demoted to recurring.

"The decision I had to make was, what characters need to be most prominent in [Elizabeth's] new division and her world?" Hall explained. "It's such a different world that some of the other [characters'] jobs were not translated into what we wanted for her, and the kids aren't really at home anymore."

New episodes of Madam Secretary air Sundays on CBS, following NCIS: Los Angeles at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Sarah Shatz/CBS