'Knight Rider' Reboot Close to Happening, David Hasselhoff Says

Knight Rider may soon join network TV's reboot craze, according to David Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff starred as Michael Knight in the 1980s action show. These days, he is focused on much quieter work, though he says that could change soon. On Monday, he told reporters from The Mirror that a reboot was close to happening at last.

"I'm not supposed to say anything, but stay tuned," the actor teased. "The Knight Rider will ride again!"

Hasslehoff could not get into specifics, but that made the conversation all the more exciting. He suggested that a Knight Rider reboot would not necessarily be a standard TV show, but could be a movie or a differently structured series.

Hasslehoff himself seemed most interested in doing a TV show again, though he did not want to remake the same old show. He and his collaborators have a lot of ideas on what a new Knight Rider might look like. However, there have been disagreements with some gatekeepers in the process, who Hasslehoff did not name.

"We talked about another series about eight to nine years ago," he said. "But they wanted to do it without me."

Of course, Hasslehoff is not insistent on keeping the lead role for himself.

"I even said I didn't have to be the lead," he said. "I didn't even need to be in it that much, I could cameo or something, but they didn't listen."

Hasslehoff himself sparked rumors of a Knight Rider reboot in 2017, when he reportedly told fans that he and director James Gunn were working on securing the rights. Since then, many similar shows like Magnum P.I. and Dynasty have seen successful reboots.

Knight Rider has had a few comebacks over the years, including three TV movies released in 1991, 1994 and 2008 respectively. It has also inspired video games, spin-offs and other reboot attempts.

Hasslehoff spoke to the reporters in New York City, where he was promoting his new Audible original audiobook. It is titled Up Against The Wall, and it follows CIA Agent Nick Harper, who accidentally switches places with Hasslehoff.


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