'Indebted' Star Abby Elliott Shares What Viewers Can Expect From Quirky, New Sitcom (Exclusive)

NBC's hysterical new comedy, Indebted might be an intergenerational comedy about baby boomer parents in their 60s moving in with their adult millennial son and his family after they go broke, but it's a lot more than meets the eye in an "OK, boomer" kind of culture. As a clear standout among 2020's new slate of sitcoms led by Fran Drescher, Adam Pally, Steven Weber and Jessy Hodges, fellow lead series star Abby Elliott admits exclusively to PopCulture.com that viewers can expect a lot of hilarity, quirk and charm with the series that embraces a relatability between two generations.

(Photo: Trae Patton/NBC)

"I think whether you are the baby boomer or the millennial, you can totally relate to both not really fully understanding the other generation and having those moments of really appreciating the other generation and needing them," Elliott told PopCulture.com. "So it's not just them relying on us, it's them teaching us as well."

Following millennial parents, Dave (Pally) and Rebecca (Elliott) as they work to reclaim their life after years of diapers and sleepless nights, the Dan Levy created series takes an unexpected turn when Dave's parents, Debbie (Drescher) and Stew (Weber) show up unannounced and broke. Having no choice but to give back, the boomerang parents aren't great with boundaries and the lines of parenting get blurred between the two couples with hilarious results evident in everything from popular culture references to child-rearing practices.

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The 32-year-old former SNL star adds that when viewers see more of the family's interactions in the first season of the NBC series, they'll see a mutual relationship growing based on an understanding through humorous situations — and it helps a great deal when everyone's got a vibrant background in comedy.

"It's been a collaboration of sorts with Dan, the showrunner," Elliott said. "He's been really great in letting us try different things."

Some of those things include the addition of improv between scenes — something the former Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade performer had a lot of fun with, especially watching her co-star, Pally.

"Adam's really the improviser of the five of us," she revealed. "He's been doing UCB and improv forever. He's so good at finding moments, and they've been really loose with letting us pepper in a line here and there, or go to them and say, 'Hey, can I say this? It would sound better coming out of my mouth than this.'"

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Elliott, who has known her on-screen husband since their time on Happy Endings, admits when she was first approached for the series, she was incredibly excited about the unique flip on the traditional narrative with its take on how to parent your parent in 2020. While the Connecticut native admits she was excited when she heard Levy and Pally were a part of it, it was her character that really pulled her in.


"When I read it, I was really attracted to the fact that my character, Rebecca, is kind of a normal person. For the past 10 years or so, I've been playing b—es and kind of crazy people, like on How I Met Your Mother," she laughed. "So, it was really refreshing to me, to be able to play a character that was similar to myself. And when I went in, I read with Adam, and it kind of happened really quickly, and then we were shooting the pilot within a couple weeks."

Indebted airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on NBC.