Hulu Considers 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Renewal

The Nine-Nine may not be retired after all.

Fox announced on Thursday that of the numerous shows it was cancelling, the Andy Samberg police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be ending after five seasons.

However, Deadline reporter Nellie Andreeva reported hours after the news broke that streaming service Hulu began to consider renewing the show on its service thanks to the outpouring of fan reactions on social media.

"While done at Fox, Brooklyn Nine-Nine may not be gone altogether," Andreeva wrote. "I hear that there had been incoming interest from other outlets about picking up the show. Hulu, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's SVOD home, is considered the most likely choice, and I hear there had been conversations about the show moving there."

She went on to write that the show could follow in the footsteps of another cancelled comedy, The Mindy Project, which ran for an additional three seasons on Hulu after Fox dropped it in 2015.

"Both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mindy Projects, which moved to Hulu after three seasons on Fox, are produced by Hulu corporate sibling Universal TV as well as 3 Arts Entertainment, so the companies have a deal template in place. Like The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a loyal, young audience that does most of their watching via digital streaming," Andreeva wrote.

Other potential landing spots for the show include TBS, which has the show's syndication rights, and Netflix, though Andreeva said that option would be a tougher sell than Hulu.

Numerous cast members and famous fans have spoken out on Twitter since the initial news broke.

"Wow. Thank you all for this incredible outpouring of support. #brooklyn99 fans are the best fans in the world. It means the world to me and everyone else who works on the show," show co-creator Dan Goor wrote.

"Thanks for the memories, [Brooklyn 99]," the Backstreet Boys Twitter account wrote, retweeting a scene where Samberg's character has a prison lineup sing, "I Want It That Way."

"I am still processing... don't have all the words.. but.. These last 5 years have been incredible. Thank you for all your love and support. We have the best fans. It's been a huge honor to play Amy and be a part of this tremendous ensemble. NINE NINE!" Melissa Fumero wrote.

"I can say I am truly sad at the cancellation of [Brooklyn 99] one of the very few shows that actually makes me laugh. And think. That's a rare and beautiful combo," WWE Hall of Famer Edge wrote.

"Thank [you] everyone," Terry Crews wrote.

"I love you fans. I love you squad. It has been an incredible five years. I'm so very lucky, so deeply thankful to have been part of a show that has brought so much joy to so many. NINE-NINE!" wrote co-star, Joe Lo Truglio.

"Squad, we love you. What a gift this series has been: it's been my honor. Your sadness is noted. NINE- NINE!" Stephanie Beatriz tweeted.

"Here's the thing about Brooklyn 99 being cancelled, I don't want it to be. I love all of those people & they earned the right 2 have a final season victory lap where I could emotionally prepare. Don't know them. Have nothing 2 do with the show. I'm just a fan who deserves better," superfan and actor Sean Astin wrote.


"News on [Brooklyn 99] and [Last Man Standing] is a double gut punch. Two great shows with hilarious writing and terrific ensembles," late night host Seth Meyers tweeted.