Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Live Tweets 'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' While John Legend Performs

While her husband sang his heart out during NBC's broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen gave her live thoughts to the viewers watching at home via Twitter.

The results, as per usual with Teigen's social media shenanigans, were hilarious.

"HE HAS RISEN aaaaahahahahhahahahahahahahahh," Teigen wrote as the show kicked off, laughing at Legend's bombastic entrance to a swell of music and light through a set of giant doors.

"One guy looks EXACTLY like milo yiannopoulos. Try to spot him," Teigen wrote, pointing out how one of the performers looked like the infamous spokesperson.

"Rick Owens x Jesus," Teigen wrote in regards to the show's outlandish costume choices.

"I have no idea what's going on I'm assuming these people are bad because coats," Teigen tweeted during the performance of "Jesus Must Die," where the singers all wore large black leather coats to indicate they were the Pharisees.

"That's what I do when Luna plays with glitter," Teigen wrote, referencing how the market at Jerusalem was represented by glitter being spread across long wooden tables.


"Oh s— the lepers that was the rehearsal I brought Luna to That was a mistake," Teigen tweeted during the "Everything's Alright (reprise)" where Legend is surrounded by lepers attempting to be healed by Jesus.