'Chicago Med': Natalie and Will Reconcile After Near-Death Experience

Chicago Med featured a terrifying accident involving one of the doctors, leading to a big reconciliation.

During "The Things We Do," Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) was a passenger in an emergency helicopter when it was forced to undergo a crash landing, leaving her with a dislocated shoulder and her patient with little time to intervene before his death.

When he finds out what's wrong, Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) insists on joining the team responding to the emergency call, including some members of Chicago Fire. Will, who has been acting erratically since returning from witness protection, seems to show a glimpse of who he used to be when he hears that is fiancee might have gotten hurt.

At the site, Will arrives at the bottom of the quarry and finds Natalie fine, except for her shoulder. From inside the helicopter, Natalie attempts to stabilize her patient despite her injury, and snaps at Will when he tells her she doesn't have to be a hero.

The firefighters manage to free Natalie from the chopper and work on getting her patient out. Will volunteers to set natalie's arm back in its place, but she rejects him at first.

He sets it back up, which eases her pain though she keeps acting cold toward Will and shifts her focus on her patient.

Once they safely secure the patient to travel back to Med, Natalie asks Will about his progress in his mandated therapy sessions. He reveals that he went once and he doesn't know if it's helping yet. The conversation is interrupted when the patient starts to collapse.

On the ambulance back to the hospital, Natalie apologizes to Will for their disagreement.

"You went through something terrible and I never even asked you what it was like," Natalie says. "To have your life in danger... I can't even imagine."

Will tells her about is near-death experience, and how his saddest thought was not ever seeing her again. She holds his hand and comforts him.

Back at the hospital the patient turns out to be fine. Will tells Natalie to have a good night, but she stops him and tells him to come back home. However, he has to get rid of his gun. He agrees to turn it in to the police and make the sacrifice for her.


Things aren't that simple, however as Will drives to the station, but then chooses not to give up his gun after all as the episode ends.

Chicago Med will return with new episodes Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.