'The Baker and the Beauty' Canceled: Here's Why

Less than a year after The Baker and the Beauty was canceled, fans may see a Season 2. However, the big question is: why was it canceled if fans wanted to see more? The series initially premiered on ABC but brought in some of the network's lowest ratings, therefore, a Season 2 didn't seem like much of an option.

The hour-long comedy told the story of Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk) as he helped his family with their local bakery. Trying to please his loving, Cuban parents, his life took a massive turn when he met fashion mogul and international celebrity, Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley). Going from a private baker, who was very much dedicated to the family business, to being thrust into the spotlight after his wild Miami night with a superstar.

While the show was perfect for a pandemic, after it wrapped in June 2020, the ratings weren't enough to keep it afloat according to Deadline. While numbers may not have been high enough for ABC, the series has been a hit ever since it started streaming on Netflix, now begging to question if there will be more. If the show were to continue on the popular streaming platform, this wouldn't be the first time this has happened with a series. Lucifer and Designated Survivor are two shows that were canceled but have been thriving on Netflix ever since.

While viewers seem to be on board for more, so are The Beauty and the Baker creator, Dean Georgaris, and Kelley. "I think I can speak for everyone when I say we would love to do a Season 2," Georgaris said according to Newsweek. "We actually had the season all mapped out, including a great guest-star character arc." Kelley added how "miraculous" it is that the show has shot to "number one in TV shows and number two on Netflix overall."


"It's pretty miraculous that after being canceled on ABC it has shot to number one in TV shows and number two on Netflix overall — with no advertising or press! I light of this achievement there is in fact talk of what the future could hold for our show [...] What I'm hearing is that if we can sustain this incredible momentum there is a chance it could make financial sense for Netflix to make a Season 2." The series also stars Carlos Gomez, Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Vidal, Belissa Escobedo, Michelle Veintimilla and David Del Rio.