Xbox Just Made a Controversial Change

Xbox fans do not like this news. The video game system will make a big change this fall when it comes to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold membership. Starting Oct. 1, the monthly games provided on both services will no longer include Xbox 360 titles. The news was sent to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold members in an email. 

"We have reached the limit of our ability to bring Xbox 360 games to the catalog; however, Games with Gold will continue to include exciting Xbox One titles and exclusive savings each month," the email said. "This will not impact any Xbox 360 games that you downloaded before October 2022. Any Xbox 360 titles that you redeem via Games with Gold before that time are yours to keep on your Xbox account, regardless of whether you continue your subscription."

A Microsoft spokesperson released a statement to about the move. "Beginning on October 1, 2022, we will no longer release Xbox 360 titles on a monthly basis as part of the Games with Gold benefit," the statement read. "We'll focus on continuing to deliver Xbox One titles through the Games with Gold program. No other Xbox Live Gold benefits will be impacted by this change."

One of the features Xbox members love is playing Xbox and Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. One person on Twitter wrote: "Sorry but this is some absolute bull— and I don't even care if the quality of Xbox One games improves as a result. The 360 games was all I used to look forward to because we kept those regardless of the sub."

"Xbox Live Gold is losing one of its coolest features," another Twitter user added. "No more Xbox 360 games being offered on Games With Gold I'll admit that the games they were giving have been bad most of the time, but it was still fun to see them act like it was awesome." The Xbox 360 console launched in 2005 and sold over 84 million units worldwide. It was then followed up by Xbox One which was released in 2013, but production of that console ended in 2020, which is the same year the Xbox Series X/S was released.