Why Universal Studios Fans Are Concerned About Park's Upcoming Plans

There is a growing concern for the long-standing fate of several Universal theme parks among some fans. As Universal Orlando Resort looks ahead to the opening of its highly anticipated theme park Epic Universe in a few years, some Universal fans fear the new park will leave the other Universal parks all but abandoned.

Concern for the fate of the other three Universal parksUniversal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay – was brought up in a recent Reddit thread. In the thread the poster expressed concern that "the big focus will be on epic universe in a couple of years," possibly proving to be a "potential issue" for the other parks. The Redditor wondered, "Could there be an issue of after that park opens that studios and IOA will be thought of as only secondary parks and not much focus will be given to them anymore? Will all of the focus only go towards epic universe?" While some seemed to agree, not everyone shared the same concern, though, and a vast majority of respondents felt as though Epic Universe will only serve to better the status of all of Universal's theme parks.

One commenter said Universal will "continue to invest in all their properties so long as it's financially viable for them to do so. They want to compete against Disney, not themselves." Another added, "the goal is to keep people at Universal Orlando for longer stays, not just get them to the new park alone." A third person noted that "it wasn't an issue when Islands of Adventure opened, nor any of the Disney parks. If anything, they just come up with more package deals to encourage multi-day vacations."

Epic Universe will mark Universal Orlando Resort's fourth theme park. Set to span some 750 acres, Universal said the park "will offer an entirely new level of experience that will forever change theme park entertainment. Guests will venture beyond their wildest imagination, traveling into beloved stories and through vibrant lands on adventures where the journey is as astounding as the ultimate destination." Epic Universe will feature a theme park, an entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants and more. Currently, only Super Nintendo World has been confirmed, though InsidetheMagic.net reported the park is rumored to also include a Classic Monster Land, DreamWorks land, and another addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which Collider reported could be themed around the Fantastic Beasts spin-off. NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell confirmed during Comcast's quarterly earnings call in January that Epic Universe is set to open sometime in summer 2025.