Watch: Ventura County Sheriff's Confirms Naya Rivera's Body Was Found in Lake Piru

As the devastating news about Glee actress, Naya Rivera, being declared dead has made waves across news outlets and social media, fans are mourning her loss. Coincidentally, the 33-year-old's death falls on the 7th anniversary of former co-star Cory Monteith's death. On Monday, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department made the official announcement that they had recovered a body from Lake Piru, identifying it as Naya Rivera.

"As you know, since last Wednesday we've been here at Lake Piru, searching for Naya Rivera who was reported missing," Sheriff Bill Ayub said in a statement. "Each day, we've utilized dozens of personnel on watercraft and helicopters with unmanned areal systems and onshore conducting a methodical and comprehensive search." The statement continued to confirm they were confident who they found was Rivera saying, "Today our search teams have recovered a body in the lake. Based on the location of where the body was found, physical characteristics of the body, clothing found on the body and the physical condition of the body, as well as, the absence of any other persons missing in the area, we are confident the body we found is of Naya Rivera."

Rivera was last seen boarding a pontoon she had rented to enjoy with her 4-year-old son Josey, before he was found alone on the boat sleeping. Authorities then called for a search and have been doing so since Wednesday. After long days of non-stop searching, her body was finally found Monday morning at 9 a.m. local time after it had floated to the surface of the lake. Ayub went on to detail their investigation saying that based on their initial medical examination, there did not appear to be any foul play involved in her death and disappearance. While this is their belief so far, a full medical examination is on the way. He also noted that her son — who has been safely returned to his father, Rivera's ex-husband Ryan Dorsey — said his mother helped him on board the boat before she disappeared beneath the surface.


Within the last several days, several fans have speculated as to what may have happened, some suggesting she died by suicide. However, in an interview with PEOPLE, Ventura County Sgt. Kevin Donoghue explained they did not believe that Rivera died by suicide, stating it was simply a tragic "accident." "We interviewed her son, and there was nothing that we learned from her son that would have suggested that this was suicide. Everything that we've learned so far leads to this being some sort of water recreational accident." Until further information is given on what may have caused her death, it remains a mystery.