Watch Oklahoma High-Speed Chase Featuring Crazy Truck Flip

A car chase in Oklahoma produced a viral video this week when the driver rolled over on a highway barrier and then continued driving. The chase led police from McCloud to Midwest City, Oklahoma, on Monday afternoon, according to a report by KFOR-4. The highlight came when the driver's white pick-up truck rolled over at high speed.

The truck was speeding down I-40 away from McCloud on Monday with police in pursuit. As the clip shows, a highway patrolman attempted a pit maneuver to get the truck to stop for good. It sent the pick-up careening across several lanes right into a highway barrier, where it rolled completely over from one side to the other. After landing back on all four wheels, however, the driver continued the chase with his vehicle dented, damaged and trailing debris.

The chase reportedly continued for several more miles down the highway, with police in pursuit. When it finally ended, police arrested 43-year-old Floyd Grass, who was driving, and an unidentified passenger.

So far, police have not revealed what started the chase, nor where it began. Reporters began tracking the pursuit outside of McCloud and followed it to Midwest City — not far from Reno and Douglas. Whatever the context, users on Twitter provided their commentary on the ordeal.

Many people online joked that this footage could be used as an advertisement for that make and model of truck, considering how well it stood up to the damage. However, many wondered whether Grass and his passenger were alright and speculated the rollover could have injured the driver.
Others criticized the police for the attempted pit maneuver, noting that there could easily have been an extreme danger to other drivers in the merging lanes. They remarked that the police could not possibly have known that there was no oncoming traffic ahead.


"Cop should be suspended for trying that on an on-ramp and almost sending a full-size truck into oncoming traffic," one person tweeted, while another added: "How big of a lawsuit is that guy in if someone got hit in oncoming traffic."

The video continues to circulate across various platforms and accounts, all with similar commentary. So far, police have not provided any new information on Grass, his passenger or the police involved in the chase. Oklahoma residents are eager for more details about what started this roadway debacle.