Video Shows Moment El Paso Shooting Suspect Arrested Outside Walmart

Saturday's shocking mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas has left many across the country stunned once again. At least 19 have been reported dead at the scene, with dozens injured. A suspect is in custody and has been identified by several sources as Patrick Crusius, a white male in his 20s from the Dallas area.

Authorities told the media that they took the suspect without incident at the scene, with video shot by bystanders at the scene capturing the moment where the alleged suspect was arrested.

The videos allegedly show who is reported to be Crusius being led away from a black sedan as police search inside. He had his hands behind his back and can be seen being placed in the back of a cop car in a separate video.

CNN and NBC News both confirmed the identity of the shooter before an official announcement by police, but much of the information had spread online before the news grabbed onto it.

The unconfirmed details behind Crusius and his motives include a manifesto that reportedly was posted on 8chan and made the rounds soon after. There is also a Twitter account belonging to a Patrick Crusius that was created in 2016. It features retweets of right-wing content, criticism over immigration and support for President Donald Trump.

Washington Examiner reporter Anna Giaritelli also shared a photo that appears to be Crusius sitting in the back of the police car. The man in this photo is dressed the same as the man in the videos and as a man shown in photos alleged to be the shooter entering the Walmart with a rifle in hand and ear protection.

A prior report of multiple shooters at the scene was confirmed to be false according to police, as well as reports of multiple crime scenes.

The latest totals from the shooting cannot be confirmed by authorities due to many people self-caring for themselves or taking themselves to a local hospital. They are also being very careful to place only certified information out into the public to ward off any rumors or misinformation that has been spreading.


Away from the events of today, the arrest videos and photos shared from El Paso have given people more reason to be critical of certain tactics. Much like the arrest of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, authorities arrested the reported El Paso shooter without incident. It draws comparisons to arrests of other individuals, including the confrontation that led to the death of Eric Garner in New York. This incident was brought back into the public light thanks to a discussion at the recent democratic debate.

There is also already chatter over gun control laws, especially from candidates running for president in 2020 like Elizabeth Warren.