Tyler Perry to Pay for Rayshard Brooks' Funeral and 4 Kids' Education

Filmmaker Tyler Perry will be paying for Rayshard Brooks' funeral, as well as further education for Brooks' four children. According to Entertainment Tonight, attorney L. Chris Stewart — who has been working with Brooks' family — revealed the news in a press conference.

"We do want to acknowledge and thank Tyler Perry, who we spoke with and who will be taking care of the funeral for the family," Stewart stated. "It's support like that and it's people who are actually in this community, that love the community, that want healing, and [want] families like this to never have to go through something like this. It's a step forward." Stewart added, "We want to thank him for such a generous move." Brooks was shot and killed by Atlanta police over the weekend, after failing a field sobriety test and resisting arrest.

Officers were called to a Wendy's parking lot to investigate a man sleeping in his car. Brooks was the suspect in question, and after failing a field sobriety test, the officer attempted to take Brooks into custody. He reportedly resisted arrest, and then ran away after taking one of their Tasers. Now-former Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe fired at Brooks, hitting him twice in the back. The incident was captured on video by witnesses. Doctors rushed Brooks into emergency surgery, but he died from organ injuries and blood loss.


While speaking to CBS News, Brooks' widow Tomika Miller asserted that Brooks' death "was murder," and that it was "not justified." She added, "He was shot and he wasn't armed. He wasn't dangerous." She went on to say that she is "still not processing the fact" that her husband is "not coming home ever." Miller continued: "I never imagined it being at my front door. I never imagined it being me having to do this and go through this. And I honestly feel I felt the pain, but now I really feel the pain." Rolfe has since been fired from the Atlanta Police Department. After the local medical examiner's report determined that Brooks' death was a homicide, it was reported that the district attorney is considering bringing charges against the former officer.