Twitter Down: Users Report Multiple Problems at Social Network

Social media lovers attempting to start their workweek with a scroll through Twitter were left [...]

Social media lovers attempting to start their workweek with a scroll through Twitter were left hanging after the social media platform experienced issues Monday morning. According to Down Detector, a website that tracks real-time issues and outages, Twitter went down just before 11 a.m. ET, with users reporting a number of issues related to the platform. At this time, it appears functions have begun operating as normal for some users.

According to an outage map from the service, issues appear to be affecting those in the United States, with issues more localized across the eastern portion of the country. Large flare-ups seem to be occurring in along the east coast and spreading through the Midwest. According to the Daily Mail, the outage was global, as users in the UK, China, and other parts of the world also had trouble accessing the platform and using its features Monday.

Down Detector has recorded more than 15,000 reports of issues from Twitter users as of this posting, with issues appearing across practically all means of accessing the platform. The outlet notes that 47% of reports are related to the Twitter website, 43% to the iPhone or iPad app, and 9% of reports related to login issues. At the time of publishing, Twitter has not publicly addressed the reported issues. The platform's status page says "all systems are operational." All of the systems currently have a green check, indicating that they are operating smoothly. The page also lists "no incidents reported today" for March 29.

Although Twitter now seems to be returning to normal operations, reports of issues are still rolling in, and not everyone has regained full access. While one person said they initially "thought it was my internet," people from across the country, including in the states of Kentucky, New Jersey, and Florida, for example, said they experienced issues Monday morning. One user said they "can't log in" and "also cant save bookmarks on mobile." Another person said Twitter was down via the Android app. Somebody else explained that while they were able to access the platform, "it takes forever, or longer, to refresh my twitter browser tab."

As the platform begins to come back, users are taking to Twitter to air their grievances, with one person asking, "is Twitter going down every other minute for anybody else?" Another person quipped, "my Twitter wasn't working for a bit, and I couldn't even check Twitter to see if Twitter's down because it was down." Thankfully, the outage appears to be clearing up, with reports of issues beginning to drop.