T-Mobile's President of Technology Provides Major Update on Widespread Outages

T-Mobile experienced some major outages on Monday, and customers were fast to notice the issues facing the cellular service. The problems even garnered a reasonably quick response from the company's President of Technology, Neville Ray. In a pair of tweets put out by the head of T-Mobile's technology, Ray addressed what was going on, revealing that their engineers were working on finding a solution.

In the first of two messages, Ray said he hoped the outages wouldn't last too long. After two hours went by, he put a new remark out, reiterating that they were continuing their work in figuring out what the problem was on their servers. "Data services are now available & some calls are completing," Ray tweeted. "Alternate services like WhatsApp, Signal, iMessage, Facetime, etc. are available. Thanks for your patience."

News of the DDoS attack came from multiple tracking outlets, including an account claiming to be affiliated with online activists Anonymous, which shared Digital Attack Map showing loads of alleged attacks on U.S. services. While not much else is known, many experts have doubts an attack was taking place at all. To make matters more confusing, T-Mobile also was experiencing widespread issues.

Rep. Ted Lieu put President Donald Trump on blast shortly after learning of the alleged threat. In a tweet directed at Trump, Lieu reminded everyone that the president had cut back on cybersecurity, eliminating the coordinator position altogether. The committee was originally put together under the Obama administration.

Earlier in February, Amazon was hit with the largest DDoS attack according to Computer Business Review. No known motive was discovered, but the attack was said to be 44 percent larger than any other the company had experienced before. Amazon was hit with another DDoS attack last October, as well.