Temu Wireless Microphones at Risk of Exploding, Recall Issued

The item has been pulled from the online marketplace.

An item sold by popular online retailer Temu has been recalled because it presents a serious risk of fire and explosion. The product is a wireless microphone HIFI speaker manufactured in China and sold on the site's marketplace. The light pink toy microphone/speaker has multiple control buttons and is packed in a white cube-shaped cardboard box.

The U.K.'s Office for Product Safety and Standards states in the April 5 recall announcement that the item contained an 18650 lithium cell that had exploded. Instead, the cell should have vented safely, releasing the pressure from the cell in a controlled manner.

The Wireless microphone has model numbers WS – 858 and BX21, along with the affected barcodes 34496941728, 5209266534, and 3375453119. According to the announcement, the product has been recalled from end users, and Temu has removed the listing from its online marketplace.

Last month, two other products sold by online retailer Temu were recalled by the British government – a high-pressure shower head and an electric space heater – for safety reasons. "High Pressure Shower Head with Stop Button" was the first product that was recalled, and it was marketed on Temu's website as "1 pc high pressure water saving shower head and 1 pc high pressure shower head." 

Due to a hazard arising from the "stop" button on the product, the U.K. recalled it due to noncompliance with safety regulations. The button does stop the shower head, but it also releases a burst of extra hot water before turning off, which can burn users.

Even though it was only available on Temu's website, the Office for Product Safety and Standards recalled the product and pulled it from the market. Neither this product nor the space heater has been recalled in the U.S. Customers who have already purchased this item are advised to dispose of it safely and contact Temu for a refund.

The U.K. also recalled a product called "Portable Electric Space Heater sold via Temu," or "Electrical appliances and equipment – Convection Heater." The product technically violated another safety regulation in the U.K. Due to its design, it is liable to cause electric shocks. A regulatory report found that the front grill could become alive under normal use and that the heater used high voltages incompatible with most U.K. outlets.

Customers who purchased this heater have already been contacted directly by Temu with instructions on how to get a refund and dispose of the heater. Temu has removed the product entirely, but it doesn't appear on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's website.