'Tan Mom' Patricia Krentcil Reportedly on Life Support Amid Pneumonia Battle

Patricia Krentcil, who rose to fame as the infamous "Tan Mom," is reportedly in the hospital fighting for her life after being diagnosed with pneumonia. The Blast reported that Krentcil's condition took a turn for the worse, and she was put on life support.

Adam Barta, Krentcil's longtime producer, confirmed her condition. Sources close to Krentcil told the outlet she's currently being kept alive at a Florida hospital. She reportedly had fluid on her lungs as a result of her pneumonia diagnosis and needed it drained. Insiders alleged that because she smoked cigarettes, her lungs were weak. Doctors were unable to drain the fluid, and Krentcil went into cardiac arrest.

The Blast reported that doctors put her into a medically induced coma on Friday. She was intubated to allow her to breathe, and is in critical condition. Krentcil's husband, Richard, has reportedly been by her side through it all.

Krentcil moved to Florida from New Jersey. She hoped to focus on her music career there, according to The Blast. Krentcil recently released a song, "Free To Be Me," to some success. The song debuted on the Howard Stern Show and was beloved by her fans.

She's had her fair share of controversies over the years. In 2012, Krentcil was arrested and charged with second-degree child endangerment after school officials claimed she allowed her then-5-year-old daughter Anna use a tanning bed, Us Weekly reported. She spoke out about the arrest years later and remained adamant that she didn't let the child tan.

"I had to go in front of a grand jury," she told Us. "They shut the doors and decide if you're going to jail. I was willing to go to jail because I did not do this."

She did wind up spending five days behind bars, but the grand jury ultimately decided not to pursue charges against her. After the case, Krentcil couldn't escape the public eye.

"When the paparazzi are climbing through your window and you can't move out [of] your home...that was complete insanity," she recalled. "First it went on for three months; they just sat outside my door. I couldn't go to Starbucks, I couldn't go out, period."


"I felt bad for my kids," she added.

Things have calmed down some for Krentcil since then, but many still remember her controversial rise to fame and question her views on safe sun practices, tanning and skincare.