Woman and Boyfriend Allegedly Kill Her Dad Over Stimulus Check Dispute

Stimulus checks have created some serious controversy over the past few months between missing checks to lengthy delays in receiving them for others. Yet, none took as tragic of a turn as a story out of Honolulu that saw a man lose his life over a dispute regarding financial support.

The incident occurred in Pearl City, Hawaii, where Glenn I’i was irate over his daughter stealing his stimulus check. He followed her and her boyfriend from their home in Waianae to the eventual scene of the crime. When the couple, Rainee Abellnose and Zachary Apostadiro, got out of their car, I’i approached them, according to news station KHON-2. A confrontation ensued, resulting in Apostadiro pulling out a long-barrelled gun and firing three rounds, two of which fatally striking his girlfriend’s father, who later died in the hospital. Both are facing charges of second-degree murder, with their bail being set at $1 million each.

Back in early April, the first round of stimulus checks began to go out. These were a part of a $2 trillion stimulus package, which became the most extensive financial aid given out at once in the country’s history. The Senate unanimously approved the bill, 96-0. Ever since the initial $1,200 checks started to hit the accounts of American citizens, talks of a second stimulus package have increasingly picked up. Over the past month, a handful of proposals have come to the forefront in terms of another round of help.

Last week, President Donald Trump provided reassurance that help would be on the way, noting that this round would be “very generous.” There have also been a few other bills gaining some momentum as of late, the ‘Explore America’ bill and the Student RELIEF Act. The former would be a way to reinvigorate the drastically-altered travel industry while the latter aims to provide up to $1,200 to low-income college students who may have missed out on being eligible for the first round of stimulus support. Help has also come in the form of federal weekly unemployment benefits, which award an additional $600 per week. This stimulus package, though, will be coming to an end near the end of July, according to the National Economic Council Director, Larry Kudlow. There is a chance this could get extended if the Senate opts to pass the HEROES Act, which would keep the added financial help going until January 2021.