Stephen King Blasts President Donald Trump's Border Wall Plans

Steven King lashed out at President Donald Trump on Twitter again this week, referring to the border wall as a "vanity project."

King is one of the president's most outspoken detractors on Twitter, condemning him on everything from major policy issues to simple matters of presidential decorum. As the debate over the border wall heated up this week, however, King had some particularly harsh words for the massive project and the president who is pushing it.

"F— your wall," the novelist wrote on Wednesday. "Split that 5 billion between at-risk children who don’t have lunches and vets who can’t get proper medical and psychological treatment. F— your vanity project. Do something good for once."

Many fans agreed with King's assessment of the wall as a symbolic issue for President Trump. He ran his campaign with a heavy focus on building the wall, and as his future in the White House comes into question due to the special counsel investigation, he appears to be pushing the wall harder than ever.

Others thought the renewed enthusiasm for the wall might be more of a distraction, however. Some replied to King suggesting that the president was mentioning the wall more and more often to excite his supporters, as the apparent case against him continues to build.

"Trump doesn’t even care about a wall, if he did, he would negotiate, and make some compromises," one person speculated. "What he really wants is to talk about the wall, and argue about the wall, to him, it’s just a big show to fire up his base."

King was likely referring to President Trump's meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Congressional Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday. The two Democrats visited the oval office, where the president quickly turned their photo-op into a televised argument.

In the bizarre footage, the president continually threatened to shut down the federal government if the Democrats did not agree to fund the project. In general, the legislative branch usually takes the blame if the government is forced to shut down, but the president specifically offered to take the blame for a shutdown in this instance. He also claimed that he could win a vote in the house on the matter, despite the new Democratic majority.


Despite King's angry outburst, President Trump was silent on Twitter on Wednesday, which many took to mean he was frightened by the sentence handed down to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Cohen got 36 months in prison after confessing to several felonies, according to CNN. Sources said that, in private, the president declared "he's a liar" after he watched the coverage from the White House.