President Trump's Comparison of Melania Trump to Former First Lady 'Jackie O' Stirs Social Media

Donald Trump clearly thinks highly of wife Melania Trump. On Friday, the president called in to Fox and Friends, on which he compared the First Lady to John F. Kennedy's wife, Jackie Kennedy, and social media had a field day.

The subject came up while discussing his plans to repaint Air Force One red, white, and blue — a stark contrast to the subtle light blue and white chosen during JFK's presidency, according to CNN. The current color scheme was partially influenced by Jackie, known for her style. Trump said on Fox and Friends that his color scheme would look better, adding that his wife, whom he nicknamed Melania T, was "our own Jackie O."

"People get used to something but — and it was Jackie O. and that's good, but we have our own Jackie O. today. It's called Melania. We'll call it Melania T," he said. "People love her. She gets no credit from the media, but she gets credit from the people."

Before long, Twitter was flooded with reactions to the president's comparison between Melania and Jackie, and most weren't favorable. Few people agreed, with many tweeting that the two first ladies had next to nothing in common.

"The only thing Melania and Jackie O have in common is that their husbands weren't faithful," one Twitter user said.

"Please stop comparing Melania to Jackie O. Jacqueline Kennedy was the First Lady, not the Third Lady," another joked, referencing the president's numerous marriages.

"Sure, Melania is just like Jackie O if by 'just like' you mean Jackie went on a talk show and helped push her husband's racist conspiracy theory," a third user tweeted.

"Comparing Jackie O to Melania T is like comparing a good mother to Casey Anthony," another Twitter user wrote.

The president's comments likening Melania to Jackie aren't all that he's been criticised for. His plans to repaint Air Force One have also been met with much backlash. Many on social media noted the similarities between Trump's proposed color scheme for the air craft and that of his now-defunct airline Trump Shuttle.

Members of the general public aren't the only people concerned about the former The Apprentice star's paint color choices. According to PEOPLE, on Wednesday the House Armed Services Committee voted that all changes to Air Force One's appearance both inside and out would have to be approved by congress. The vote passed 31-26.


The vote has to do with a deal the United States Air Force struck with Boeing in July 2018 regarding plans to replace the old 747 plans with two newer aircrafts by 2024, USA Today revealed.