Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Says He Deserves to Die in Newly Released Confession Video

Parkland, Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz says he believes he deserves to die in a newly released confession video.

CBS News reports that footage and transcript of Cruz's confession to the shooting that took place on Feb. 14. In the video, Cruz can be seen hitting himself, making a gun with his fingers that he points at his own head, and crying.

He makes pleas that he wants someone to "kill" him and claims to hear voices that told him to burn, kill, and destroy. He also says the voices told him to hurt himself.

Following the tragic shooting, Cruz was indicted on 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted first-degree murder. He is currently awaiting trial.

Many of the survivors of the shooting that took place at Cruz's high school have taken to becoming activists for gun control reform, using every opportunity available to share their thoughts and feelings on the hot-button issue.

During a Town & Country interview conducted by Jimmy Kimmel, the talk show host complimented them on being "so well spoken and passionate," to which survivor Emma González had a thought on why they came across so mature.

"I think your generation created us. You sent us to school, but you didn't think we were going to learn, because you thought we were lazy and always on our phones," she said. "We've been out here watching the injustices that older generations have put upon us, and we all had to grow up too fast."

"Our generation has been underestimated," added Delaney Tarr, another survivor. "We're considered lazy millennials who don't do anything and only care about themselves, but that's just not true. The reality is that we're the changemakers."

Regarding whether or not they were politically active prior to the "tragic events" they went through, a couple of the survivors implied they had been.

"The majority of our political activities were happening within school buildings," González stated. "We were active, but not as active as we are now."


"My family comes from Mexico, and when my mom came here she realized her vote counts," Leonor Muñoz shared. "So she has always instilled in me that you should know who your representatives are, and once you vote for them make sure they can still hear you. I take advantage of that now."

While his case has not yet gone to trial, TMZ reports that Florida prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Cruz based on his admission to the school shooting.