North Korea Reportedly Spotted Moving Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Amid Donald Trump's Hospitalization

If reports are to be believed, North Korea is on the move with their ballistic missiles while [...]

If reports are to be believed, North Korea is on the move with their ballistic missiles while Donald Trump is busy battling COVID-19. According to South Korean and U.S. intelligence sources in The Korea Herald, the DPRK is moving four of its mobile ICBM launchers to an auto plant outside of Pyongyang.

"The missile is larger than the one they fired in 2017 and we believe they will showcase that at a military parade on Oct. 10," an official in Seoul told the outlet. The communist nation fired its first ICBM, a Hwasong-15, back in 2017 and sparked the famous "fire and fury response from Trump."

The Korea Herald notes that North Korea is likely planning "a show of force" for the anniversary of the ruling party's founding. Still, the reported missiles and movements raise questions about aid the nation may have received in producing the larger rocket.

The report also indicates that a North Korean submarine project may be set for a debut, unveiling potential submarine-launched missiles and an "enhanced submarine" at the nations Sinpo South Shipyard.

North Korea's reported movements are their first since March and follow a pair of rumors about DPRK leader Kim Jong-un's health, including a reported death hoax that left the globe speculating on the nation's next moves. It is also the latest since talks fell apart between the United States and North Korea over continued nuclear development.

The move also comes while Donald Trump is hospitalized following his positive COVID-19 test on Friday. Trump has reportedly been working while staying at Walter Reed Medical Center. However, the lack of information and attempts to clarify reports about Trump's status has led many people to think of DPRK tactics with their leadership.

Speculation around video and photos of Trump in the hospital continued through the weekend. In contrast, his medical staff continued to dodge questions about his current status and vital information.

Trump is reported to be close to discharge on Monday and it is unknown if he is currently focusing on any business related to the communist nation or has been informed of the latest developments.