New Jersey Boat Parade in Support of Donald Trump and Police More Successful Than Chaotic Texas Attempt

More Donald Trump supporters gather in their boats in an attempt to break the world record while also showing their support for the president. As election time quickly approaches, Republics are taking to the waters with Trump flags waved high. While unsuccessful in Texas after multiple boats sank, it has quickly become a trend across the United States, but with more successful attempts.

States like Texas, Georgia and New Jersey have gathered across the coastline and in lakes decked out in Trump gear from wardrobes to decorations. Organizer Chris Molla told Fox and Friends, according to, that the first event he organized was in July and saw 1,200 boats show up, attempting to break the world record of 1,180, which took place in Malaysia in 2014. However, that record broke over the weekend in Georgia when anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 people showed up in their vessels.

"It went really smooth," Kevin Goss, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Game Warden said as he compared the "Great American Boat Parade" in Georgia to the one in Texas. "We haven't received any reports of boats sinking or swamping or getting turned over." Those who attended the public gathering on Lake Lanier were welcomed with a more of an approach of appreciation for patriotism rather than favoring one party or the other.

"I did not want the parade to be tied directly to any political event or any one politician," John Gunter, one of the Georgia organizers, said. "I think our nation is in a bigger place right now and the direction that I wanted to see the event move was to support general patriotism." His fellow organizer Dustin Melton added, "We didn't want to be biased and restrict everybody with the theme. So we went with Great American Boat Parade and it's a parade that's unbiased."


President Trump has taken to social media to share his approval for the gatherings across the United States, even saying, "I just wish I had time, I'd get on one of those boats, and I'd be carrying a flag also." While organizers in New Jersey attempted to break the record, in July, those who gathered on Lake Murray in South Carolina claim they saw around 3,400 people. However, currently, Guinness is looking into those who showed up in Clearwater, Florida, that may have surpassed the record.

While there's been success in various states, Texas did have four boats sink. While multiple people were pulled out of the water by rescuers, thankfully, no one was seriously injured.