McDonald's Customers Not Lovin' Changes to Happy Meal Menu

The new McDonald’s Happy Meal is turning the signature smiles on the boxes upside down.On [...]

The new McDonald's Happy Meal is turning the signature smiles on the boxes upside down.

On Thursday, the Golden Arches announced that they would be removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the default menu for kids' Happy Meals in an effort to make them healthier. Customers, however, are not "lovin it."

"Will McDonald's Happy Meal now be called the 'Meh Meal,'" one Twitter user questioned, clearly not pleased with the announced change.

"My brother is going to be shook," wrote another. "McDonald's is taking the cheeseburger happy meal off the menu. I dont know where the line is drawn, but I feel like this is d– close."

"When people ask why I got so offended that McDonald's is changing their Happy Meal menu," wrote another, attaching an image that exclaims "it defines who I am."

"McDonald's is turning the "Happy Meal" into the "Sad Meal." Seriously when I want to eat healthy I don't go to McDonalds, I go there for junky fast food once in a while to have a change/break," commented another.

The removal of the popular items is an effort to make the kids meal more health-conscious. The change means that, on average, Happy Meals will contain 20% less calories, 50% less added sugars, 13% less saturated fat, and/or 17% less sodium.

The Golden Arches has been striving to make their Happy Meal options consist of 600 calories or less, contain less than 650 milligrams of soda, and ensure that less than 10% of the meal's calories come from saturated fat and added sugar, criteria that cheeseburgers and chocolate milk do not meet.

But fret not. Customers will still be able to request cheeseburgers and chocolate milk with their Happy Meals. The items will no longer be listed on the menu. The changes are expected to reach U.S. stores by June. McDonald's will be working on a new recipe for chocolate milk that contains less sugar.