Mayfair Mall Shooting Leaves Multiple Injured in Wisconsin, Large Police Presence on Scene

A shooting at the Mayfair Mall in Wisconsin has reportedly left multiple people injured, as a large police presence is on the scene. According to the CBS News, the shooting took place in the town of Wauwatosa on Friday afternoon. The situation is said to be an "active shooter" incident, as the suspect is still at-large.

A statement from the Wauwatosa mayors office read, "It will take time to provide additional, and perhaps, more accurate information, but information will be provided as it becomes available." In addition to the 75 police officers who responded to the call, the Milwaukee division of the FBI also reported to the scene, as support for the local law enforcement agencies. At this time, it is reported that none of those wounded appear to have suffered life-threatening injuries. There have been no reported fatalities.

Local CBS News affiliate WDJT spoke with Jill Wooley, who stated that she was in the mall at the time the gunshots began. "The very first shot, my immediate thought was it sounded like one of the floor fixtures in Macy's hit the floor," she said. "But in that same second, I knew right away it was a gunshot and they just kept coming one right after the other."

Wooley went on to say, "I think we're all born with it... We've all been exposed to public shootings like this. I think all of us have thought of what we would do in a situation like this." Cecilila Guerrero was also inside the mall when the shooting took place, accoring to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She and her sister, along with a number of other people, hid inside the back room of the Offline clothing store.

"It was very terrifying," Guerrero said. "I was very nervous at the beginning when we didn't know what was going on. But now that I'm safe and no one can get in, I'm OK. But it was very freaky and there was some panic." Guerrero went on to comment on the frequency of public shootings such as this, adding that she never thought it would happen to her.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes there have been three other gunfire incidents this year in the Milwaukee area that have ended with mulitple people being injured. There was a shooting at the MolsonCoors’ Milwaukee brewery in February, which left five people dead. The shooter then shot and killed himself.


There was another shooting in April, wherein a man called 911 to confess that he had "just massacred my whole family." The man later pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

Finally, in September, seven people were injured when a car drove up on a large group of funeral mourners and opened fire from the vehicle. The injured individuals survived their wounds. The funeral had been for the victim of a recent homicide.