Man Arrested Outside Cincinnati Trump Rally After Video Shows Alleged Assault on 61-Year-Old Protestor

Authorities have made an arrest after punches were thrown outside a Trump campaign rally at U.S. Bank Arena Downtown in Cincinnati on Thursday. A 29-year-old man spent the night in police custody following the violent incident, according to NBC 12.

Dallas Frazier of Georgetown, Kentucky, was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge, the outlet revealed. He was taken away in handcuffs and held at the Hamilton County Justice Center overnight without bond. Frazier stood before a judge on Friday afternoon, NBC 12 reported. He was granted $10,000 bond at 10 percent, meaning he had to pay $1,000 to be released.

The incident was captured on video, according to the outlet. Frazier was seen exiting a truck and hitting an anti-Trump protestor.

A criminal complaint written by Cincinnati police said, "Victim stated suspect exited a vehicle, stated, 'You want some' then struck the victim multiple times in the face causing visible injuries and breaking victim's glasses."

The victim, Matt Alter, said he was with other anti-Trump protestors when Frazier pulled up and started attacking him. Atler told the outlet other people told him Frazier had been circling the area around protestors several times before he stopped.

"I was standing with a group of people around and the truck pulled up. He was yelling at people. People yelling back anti Trump stuff whatever, nothing specific and he just started getting violent and I'm like come on guy," Alter said.

The victim was taken to Christ Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He told Fox 19 NOW he was punched six times by Frazier.

"What is wrong with you, really this is America there's still freedom of speech. It doesn't matter and I didn't say anything it doesn't matter. This is freedom of speech you can say what you want," Alter said. "Even if you say something bad to somebody that doesn't give them the right to start hitting on you."

The rally was attended by nearly 17,5000 people. The president called it a "record crowd," according to NBC 12. Thousands of people waited in the hot sun to see Trump and Vice President Mike Pence before the doors opened at 4 p.m. local.


Donald Trump Jr. and Gov. Mike DeWine also spoke at the rally. Ohio Reps. Steve Chabot and Brad Wenstrup and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin were also in attendance.

Trump, 73, finally showed up at the rally at about 7:30 p.m. local, NBC 12 reported. During the event, the president slammed Democrats for having "spent more time talking about [former President Barack] Obama then they did" him. He also once again slammed Baltimore, and took shots at Chicago, claiming his opponents would prefer to support immigrants than their own communities.