Lori Vallow, Cult Mom in Missing Children Case, Photos Come out of Hawaii Wedding With Chad Daybell

Photos from the "cult mom" Lori Vallow's suspicious wedding have been released, showing how she was married just weeks after her children went missing. Vallow's kids were last seen in September, and police are still searching for them. Her family is concerned about her mental state, and her new husband's fixation on the "doomsday."

Vallow's story has gained national coverage in recent months as questions about her children and her new husband go unanswered. According to a report by CBS News, Vallow's 17-year-old daughter Tylee and her 7-year-old son JJ went missing in Idaho in the fall. She had moved there shortly after her husband died under mysterious circumstances, to be with author Chad Daybell.

Now, photos of Vallow and Daybell's wedding have been published by NBC News affiliate KSLTV. They show the couple clad in white from head to toe, laughing and dancing on the beach in Hawaii. At the time, it had only been six weeks since Vallow's kids were last seen.

The couple has reportedly remained in Hawaii since their nuptials, as the search for Vallow's children continues back in Idaho. Police brought a search warrant to her home after the wedding, only to find it abandoned. She and Daybell are reportedly still laying low on the island of Kauai. Police in Hawaii are awaiting a request to arrest the couple, but so far the police in Idaho have made no moves against them.

Vallow's former sister-in-law, Annie Cushing, spoke to KSLTV about the details of the confusing case. Her brother, Tylee's father Joseph Ryan, died of an apparent heart attack in 2018. She said that the last time she saw Tylee was shortly after her Ryan's passing. Though he and Vallow had divorced in 2004, Cushing and Vallow had remained in contact ever since, often sharing photos of their children.

Tylee was Vallow's second child. She then married Charles Vallow, her fourth husband. They lived together in Arizona until last summer, when Charles was reportedly shot and killed by Vallow's brother, Alex Cox. Cox then died in under mysterious circumstances as well in December.

Cushing noted that when she saw Vallow in 2018, she had become religious, with a particular fixation on apocalyptic thinking. She moved to Idaho to be with Daybell, an author who had self-published over 25 books on the end of the world.

"And she says, sometimes, I think it would be better just to put my kids in a car and go off the side of a cliff," Cushing said.


So far, police have not made a move to arrest Vallow or Daybell, but Freemont County sheriff Len Humphries told CBS News that they are taking Cushing's information seriously.

"There's a chance that that has occurred and one of the things that we are looking at very closely," he said.