Meet Dragon Man, The Most Armed Man In America

A 71-year-old man from Colorado is proudly proclaiming himself to be the most armed man in America, and he just might be.

Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mel Bernstein owns more than 200 machine guns and 80 military vehicles, as well as countless grenade launchers, per a story from The Daily Mail.

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He's also known by the nickname Dragon Man, which he earned because of a custom Harley motorcycle he owns that has a large, green, fire breathing dragon attached to it.

Dragon Man's obsession with guns runs so deep that he has hundreds of them hanging on his bedroom wall because it makes him feel "comfortable."

That obsession has paid off in popularity, as Bernstein joked to a Colorado Gazette reporter, "You know I have 28,000 followers on Facebook? Twenty-eight thousand!"

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People come from all over to tour the 260-acre plot of land that Bernstein owns in El Paso County, Colorado. He's more than happy to show off his military weaponry acquisitions at the complex, which he's named Dragon Land.

It reportedly takes about two full hours to see all there is to see at Dragon Land, which contains Bernstein's collections that are rumored to be worth up to $10 million.

He says his gun collection alone is worth about $8 million.

Sadly, Dragon Man's life was struck with a great tragedy back in 2012 when his wife died in a freak accident at Dragon Land.


They were shooting a promo for a Discovery Channel reality show when a device that was simply supposed to set off smoke exploded and killed Mel's wife, Terry.

Reflecting on the incident, Mel solemnly said, "Every day I think about her."