Daughter on Pole Dancing With Her Father: 'It's a Matter of Trust'

A father and daughter duo can't imagine pole dancing with anyone else.

Dave Roberts, 52, and his oldest daughter, Hazel Roberts, 27, own a pole dancing studio together in Gloucestershire, England, where they are not only instructors, but also pole dancing partners, Inside Edition reports.

Their endeavor into pole dancing began when they both started taking lessons without the other's knowledge. Hazel had taken a six-week course in college while her father began taking classes after his girlfriend encouraged him. They only learned of what the other was doing when the 27-year-old sent her father a picture of her performing a move called "The Crucifix" and Roberts replied with a picture of himself performing the same move.

The father-daughter duo began taking classes together shortly after discovering that they shared an interest. In 2015, the duo appeared on TV talent show Britain's Got Talent, but judges deemed their act "the weirdest thing" they had ever seen. That hasn't stopped them, however. In 2016, Roberts went on to place fourth at the international Mr. Pole Dance competition, and the two are continuing to teach pole dancing lessons in their studio.

"It's a matter of trust," Hazel explained. "If you can't trust your own dad not to drop you, who can you trust?"


The two claim that their routines are based on gymnastics, rather than the typical seductive dance moves associated with pole dancing, and while they have been approached by other potential pole dancing partners, they have both chosen to remain partners.