Chick-fil-A to Close for an Entire Weekend Later This Month

Chick-fil-A is known for being closed on Sundays, but later this month customers will be unable to eat there for an entire weekend, with the chain closing down on Saturday, Dec. 25 — Christmas Day. The fast-food chain will be closed over Christmas weekend, per WTHR News. Chick-fil-A locations will not be open on Christmas Day, which falls on a Saturday. As always, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. So, the next time after Friday, Dec. 24 that you'll be able to enjoy some chicken nuggets at the chain will be on the following Monday, Dec. 27. 

If you're a dedicated Chick-fil-A diner, then it won't come as a surprise to hear that the chain will be closed on Sunday, Dec. 26. While some fast-food chains might be open over the Christmas holiday, Chick-fil-A will be closing its doors on that special day. Many Chick-fil-A locations across the country have been dealing with the ongoing ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Chick-fil-A's two-day closure over Christmas will serve as a much-needed break for workers. 

It's widely known that Chick-fil-A isn't open on Sundays. According to Business Insider, Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A's founder, chose to close all of the restaurants on Sundays because of his faith. He wrote in his book, Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People, "Closing our business on Sunday, the Lord's Day, is our way of honoring God and showing our loyalty to Him." Cathy went on to say about his decision, "My brother Ben and I closed our first restaurant on the first Sunday after we opened in 1946, and my children have committed to closing our restaurants on Sundays long after I'm gone. I believe God honors our decision and sets before us unexpected opportunities to do greater work for Him because of our loyalty." The tradition has been kept alive by Cathy's grandson, Andrew Cathy, who currently serves as the CEO for Chick-fil-A.


While higher-ups are steadfast in their decision to keep Chick-fil-A closed on Sundays, it does come at a price. 24/7 Wall Street reported that Chick-fil-A likely loses around $1 billion a year by choosing to keep restaurants closed on Sundays. But even though they could stand to earn a billion more per year, they will likely not choose to open the locations on that specific day. So, you'll still have to make other fast-food plans on Sundays for the time being.