Burger King Customers Horrified by Stomach-Turning Video of Rats Running Across Food

Burger King customers are getting more than they bargained for with some behind-the-scenes footage from one franchise that shows two rats running through a bag of buns.

If you were planning to chow down on some fast food tonight, you may change your mind after seeing the video, which was captured in the kitchen of a Wilmington, Delaware restaurant, according to NBC Philadelphia 10.

The viral video, which was uploaded to Facebook on Thursday by Shantel Johnson, led to a Division of Public Health Office of Food Protection inspection. They received a complaint and a copy of the video. After the investigation turned up even more concerns, the store was immediately closed due to the unsanitary conditions.

The hamburger rolls in the video were not the only foods impacted by the rodent infestation. Mouse droppings were found inside hamburger and chicken sandwich rolls, on the floor, near the water heater, near soda boxes and behind fryers. The mice had also reportedly chewed through plastic. Additionally, a ceiling was found to be leaking and there were flies in the kitchen.

The store owner had to implement immediate changes to ensure a similar situation wouldn't happen again.

After a re-inspection, the store was allowed to reopen.

Burger King released a statement to SFGate.com revealing the franchisee was allowed to reopen the store because they had taken "appropriate measures to address the issue and prevent this from happening again in the future."

The company added, "Food safety and hygiene is always a top priority for us."

Their words might not be enough to earn back the trust of their customers, however.

One commenter wrote, "I'm dead! I'm scared to eat out anymore!"

"I almost threw up," another chimed in.

Others worried that this wasn't an isolated incident.

"Bet it's not just Burger king that happens at either," one Twitter user wrote.

"Whats scary is thats what we see and its disgustingly scary... unfortunately theres so much thats unseen in fast food and regular restaurants and pubs where daily / weekly its an Outta site Outta mind deal..." another comment read.

Some found it might be the start of a lifestyle change, as one person admitted, "I think I'm done with fast food joints."

Others managed to find the humor in the situation, however.


"Wondered where he went...?! They serving Ratatouille now?" a user quipped.

Another joker added, "...so THAT'S what in the Jr Whopper."