Bizarre Sea Creature Washes Up On Hawaii Beach

The ocean is full of beautiful wonderment, deep mystery, and creatures that make you question if everything you ever read in fantasy novels might actually be true. Take this bizarre creature that washed up on the beaches of Hawaii, for example.

Someone named Tiphareth Aquarian captured the above video of an unusual sea creature that turned up on Lanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.

While the tiny beast looks like a baby Kraken that is just waiting to grow massive enough to dominate humanity, it's actually something much less terrifying.

That small, creepy-looking creature is called an Argonaut. However, it's also sometimes called a paper nautilus. It's a type of pelagic octopus. Pelagic means that it is a sea creature that lives out in the open ocean and swims around all of the deep-water oceans on Earth.

Some other aquatic creatures that do that are Marlin, Swordfish, and Mahi Mahi.

Basically, an Argonaut washing up on a beach is unbelievably rare considering it's much more likely to die out in the ocean and then get eaten by some other sea creature.

Strange ocean life seems to be making itself known more and more often lately.

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Just last week, the decomposing carcass of an unidentified sea monster washed up on the shore in Indonesia and confused pretty much everyone.

Many thought it was a giant squid, but others thought it was most likely some kind of whale.

However, some people claimed that it had tusks, which could mean that the carcass might be some type of narwhal, but it was certainly too big to be a walrus.

Ultimately, we'll probably never know what that particular beast was because the unforgiving rays of the hot sun continued to beat down on it, causing it to rapidly deteriorate.

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We do know what Argonauts look like now, though, so if you happen to see one wash up next to you at the beach this summer don't be afraid. It's probably just trying to not get eaten by a sea turtle.

[H/T: BroBible]