Mother Allegedly Shot Son to Death Then Tried to Kill Herself

An Arizona mother charged with fatally shooting her two-year-old son allegedly attempted to kill herself.

On Dec. 15, police responded to a call of a shooting in a Buckeye, Arizona home. Upon entering the home, authorities discovered the body of two-year-old Hudson Pettibone and his 26-year-old mother, Alyssa Pettibone, who was bleeding from the neck. The toddler was pronounced dead at the scene and his mother was rushed to the hospital, AZCentral reports.

It is alleged that Pettibone shot and killed her son before turning the gun on herself. When the gun jammed due to a round in the magazine being loaded backwards, the 26-year-old allegedly used a knife to stab herself in the neck in an attempt to kill herself.

During an interview with police, Pettibone expressed sorrow over the murder and told authorities that she knew she was in "deep, deep, deep" and that "no one would understand I…" Records alleged she also said that she "shot her baby, and tried to kill herself."

Pettibone was taken into police custody upon her release from the hospital, and it is believed that she may be mentally disturbed.


Pettibone has been charged with second degree murder and her bond is set at $750,000. She is due to appear in court on Dec. 22.