SPAM Reportedly Joining the Pumpkin Spice Party This Fall, Announcing Autumnal-Flavored Canned Meat

This may be the crossover that no one asked for. It was announced on Thursday that SPAM and the fall-favorite flavor, pumpkin spice, are teaming up to make — you guessed — a pumpkin spice-flavored canned meat. The decision has created quite a talking point on social media. The limited release is slated for arrival on Sept. 23. Early reports suggest that the product will be available online only at and

In a an emailed statement to NBC News, the company said the new product is "true to the brand's roots." The message added that it, "...combines deliciousness with creativity, allowing the latest variety to be incorporated into a number of dishes, from on-trend brunch recipes to an easy, pick me-up snack."

The ironic thing about the concept is that this all started out as a joke a few years ago. It was two years ago when Hormel Foods put out a hoax that the company would be releasing the product. Turns out that perhaps they were just crowdsourcing to see what the reception would be before unveiling it a few years later.


But, the pumpkin-spice SPAM is here and this time, is real. This has led to some people voicing their opinions on the strange combination.

Hormel Foods joins a long line of companies getting in on the fall flavor craze. Starbucks recently announced their pumpkin spice latte would be hitting the market earlier than it ever has. To counter that, Dunkin Donuts unveiled their fall menu that will release a week earlier than their competitor.